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Lombok Tours

Tour Lombok to the North : You can trek Mount Rinjani, discover breathtaking waterfalls, & rice fields
Tour Lombok to the South : Explore white sand beaches, world class surfing, solitude and secluded islands.  Be wowed by the water buffalo known as the Kerbau!
Tour Lombok to the East : To visit very remote villages or dive amongst untouched coral gardens

North West of Lombok
 and just one hour from Puri Mas visit the three famous Gili-islands Trawangan, Meno & Air.

Visit a local village and see primitive life that can take you back to a time gone by.

Check out the amazing weaving, local pottery, temples and a colourful culture like no other island in Indonesia.

Puri Mas staff can arrange fabulous tours during your stay.




Footnote to parents:

Puri Mas has adopted a No Children Under 12 Years Policy: Each of our swimming pools which includes our public and villa pools are over 150cm deep and one level. Our pools are not attended or gated therefore in the interests of safety we have made a conscious decision to adhere to this policy.